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Eat Well Planned Food With Meal A Hub

Meal a Hub is not just another meal delivery service, it’s an ecommerce portal. It is different from all other food delivery services because it offers a complete ecosystem that takes care of your health and fitness needs. With Meal a Hub, you will not only get delicious food at your doorstep but also enjoy exciting activities that help you stay fit and healthy and break levels; Silver, Bronze, Gold, and Platinum.

Meal a Hub is the easiest way to track your food and exercise. You can log in through Facebook or Google account and it will sync with your device automatically. Meal a Hub is an app that allows you to track your nutrition, diet and weight. It gives you real-time feedback about your diet, so you can lose weight faster and healthier without any side effects of fad diets. You can set goals, track your progress and get inspired by other users' results. You can also share your achievements with friends on social media or by email.

App Features

App Features

  • Track calories, protein, fat and carbs in food items from restaurants or fast food chains (including Starbucks, Subway, McDonalds etc).
  • Set goals for calories, protein, fat and carbs per day. Calculates how much weight you will lose in a certain period of time if you stick to those goals (e.g., 5 pounds in 1 month).
  • AI Nutritionist - A virtual dietitian that can give you advice about your diet based on how much you exercise each week, how much weight you want to lose and other factors such as allergies or health concerns.
  • Meal a Hub connects professionals like dietitians, nutritionists, fitness trainers and medical doctors who can help answer specific questions about your diet or exercise habits.
  • The app creates weekly reports that give you insight into how well you are doing with your nutrition and activity goals.

Admin Features

  • You can change the user profiles page in the admin panel by adding or removing any information that the meal a hub app asks for.
  • You will be able to check and edit your user's workout and nutrition plan based on their Fitness goal via the admin panel. The whole user experience is enhanced as a result.
  • Meal A Hub's has social media integration which allows you to post meals on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram directly from the app.
  • Meal A Hub's wearable integration allows you to sync your Fitbit or Garmin account with the app so that it can sync with your wearable device.
  • The app comes with an integration of payment gateway that allows admin to monitor every purchase on the app.


In my experience, the biggest challenge is that you have to build a lot of things yourself. For example, if you want to build a web application that uses a templating engine like Mustache and Handlebars, you will have to build your own templating engine. If you want to handle user authentication and authorization, you will have to create your own system for it.

So for the website we have used CI, Bootstrap, html technologies and for the mobile we have used React native.

Bootstrap is a very popular framework for building responsive web applications. It has become a standard in the industry and many developers use it to quickly develop their applications.

The popularity of Bootstrap has led to many frameworks being built on top of it. These frameworks provide additional features, such as authentication or payment gateways, which you can use in your app.

When you build an application using Bootstrap and its extensions, there are some challenges you may face:

  • You need to make sure that all the frameworks are compatible with each other. If they aren’t compatible, then you will have problems when trying to integrate them into your application
  • Some of these frameworks depend on JavaScript libraries such as jQuery or AngularJS. If any of these libraries failed when loading on your server, then this can cause problems for your application as well.
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We know that React Native is a cross-platform framework that allows you to build iOS and Android apps using JavaScript and React.js.

It allows you to write code once and run it on both platforms. However, there are some disadvantages of using React Native is that it is not production ready for applications like banking or shopping cart where security is important because React Native has no UI library for web browsers like Angular or VueJS have. So we rely on bootstrap and CI which is a free and open-source mobile-first front-end framework for designing websites and web applications which makes the process smoother.

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Back-end Dev

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