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About The Project

Cliolam modern style interior architectures website

Cliolam is one of the promising modern style interior architectures in the interior decorative glamor planet. This is one of the visionary organizations that deliver an eye catchy glamourous glance to give an impressive and distinctive commercial workspace on economical tariffs. This website is a platform for architects to showcase their work and connect with potential clients.

The website also has an online portfolio which allows the users to upload their own portfolios as well. The site uses a responsive design and is built using Wordpress in order to provide a great user experience. It has been developed in a way that makes it easy for users to find what they are looking for without having to spend too much time searching through pages and pages of information.

Website Features

As per client's needs Cliolam has been developed with unique features

Website Features

  • A gallery section where you can view the various projects done by Cliolam
  • A blog section to update about different topics related to interior architecture.
  • A contact form for any queries one may have about services.
  • The site is responsive so it will look great on any device or screen size.
  • Restoration of Deleted Pages & Rollback Versioning.

Admin Features

  • Content and style can be customized through a drag-and-drop interface.
  • User management allows you to create, edit, delete and manage users on your site.
  • Admin can develop your own custom theme using HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript.
  • Built-in user registration system and automated updates for plugins or themes.
  • Admin can customize WordPress' look by installing additional plugins in order to add features


The layout of the site is one of its most important features because it allows users to access all of the information they need quickly and easily without having to scroll through endless pages of text or download large files but setting the responsive layout comes with a lot of challenges.

Here what we faced:

  • We have to deal with lots of plugins and themes when building a website. So, it takes time to find out which one is good for business.
  • There were many plugins that the client needed on the website but we can't find them easily on wordpress directory.
  • Required a good hosting plan for your website where clients can store all files without any lag or delay in loading speed.
  • Making sure that links work properly from within the body of a post or page
  • Keeping things simple so that people don't get frustrated by having to click through too many pages before reaching their desired destination.
case study

How We Work

An idea that becomes our solution

We create beautiful and functional wordpress websites for our clients. We use the latest technology to make the websites look great, while providing them with a great user experience. We work with the client to understand their needs, what they want in their website to do and how we can help them to achieve that goal.

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UI/UX Design

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Front-end Dev

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Back-end Dev

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SEO Optimization

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