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About Dhanuka agritech Project

Dhanuka agritech limited is one of the india's leading agro chemical company. We produce herbicides, fungicides,insecticides, plant growth regulators which are helpful and best according to our research for crops and farms and other plants . Our R&D team is led by a highly trained and professional agri-scientists who has around 30 years of experience of working in ICAR and SAU. Our company is NABL accredited. Also known for providing soil and water testing and advisory services and guidance to farmers on integrated crop management technologies including IPM and Dhanuka kheti ki Nai Taknik. We encourage good agricultural practices like use of modern technologies,optimum use of fertilizers and green manure according to soil test report for better soil health , crop insurance , use of hybrid seeds etc.



  • It involves a lot of planning and research, which can be time-consuming. However, the outcome is worth it.
  • The client wanted to have an online camp booking system so that customers could book their stay and activities online by themselves.
  • There were many other additional features that we had to implement in order to meet all the requirements set out by the client.
  • We need to make sure that the admin has full control of the site and is able to update it whenever he/she wants.
  • The other challenge is to make sure that the pricing of the website is affordable for most businesses and organizations.
case study

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