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About The Project

Development of Haltiner Family website on wordpress. They are a Swiss Single family office and investment house with traditions going back to 1827, who have been instrumental in the growth of Switzerland's financial center, Zurich. Their main objective is to provide clients with a personal and professional service, which can be tailored to their specific needs. The Haltiner Family Office is committed to providing high quality advice, reporting and distribution services. The website will offer information about their services and products as well as their contact details so that clients can easily find out more about what they offer.

Website Features

As per client's needs Haltiner Family website has been developed with unique features:

Website Features

  • HTML5 code for all pages, including the home page, is provided for free by
  • WordPress themes (template) for all pages, including the home page, are provided for free by
  • A blog for the family and their friends to share thoughts, ideas and opinions.
  • A news section with latest news from around the world..
  • Dynamic service section page to give clear information about their services.

Admin Features

  • Customizable themes and plugins make it easy to create a professional looking site with very little effort. .
  • Change and edit content and alignment of the website graphics.
  • An admin can add functionality by integrating add ons plugins on the website..
  • Admin will be a user role with full capabilities to manage all sites on a Multisite network..
  • Admin will have full access to admin where one can manage the site and all its features as well as make changes to them.


  • Choosing and customizing the theme as per the client requirements was the huge challenge we faced while developing..
  • There are thousands upon thousands of themes available online today and they come in all shapes and sizes – including free ones! Therefore it was difficult to choose the best one.
  • Wordpress has no built in backup system therefore we had to take preventive steps for this.
  • WordPress uses an open source structure which makes it easier for hackers to access therefore we ensure to integrate higher security in the site.
case study

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