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About The Project

KMS Group provides different types of unskilled, semi-skilled and skilled manpower for e.g. helpers, gardeners, housekeepers, receptionists, welders, press. The company website is built on wordpress with the help of the web developer team. The company’s website is built with a number of other features including the ability to display rich media, create widgets, and can easily be published to many different formats. The code is written in PHP and MySQL. The website has a home about us and mission values section to let the client have a better understanding of their business.

Website Features

Website Features

  • The website has its own unique URL address, and this is what one will enter into the browser when they visit that site. The site Address (URL) in WordPress is the public facing part of your website.
  • The website has been personalized with features like menus, widgets and fonts, as well as color schemes and layouts. It has an about us section services missions and values team information and contact us page.
  • In order to keep websites safe; multiple websites can run on one server, which means that if one site gets hacked or goes down for whatever reason, others won't suffer.
  • Website admin panel allows to create custom widgets that display information such as weather data or social media feeds.
  • There is no limit to the blog posts or page; one can add any number of blog posts and pages to the site & can also insert videos, images and audio files into posts.

Admin Features

  • The website has an integrated editor that allows you to edit both posts and pages, which means no extra software is needed.
  • Website allows admin to create profiles with user settings such as email address, password and more. All of this information can be saved on the database.
  • It has built-in support for multiple languages including English along with many others.
  • Admin can even add images and other multimedia files directly from within WordPress.
  • An admin panel is an internal tool, so you're likely to have some system for your employees' login. The best-case scenario is that the developers can implement authorization via an existing system.


Here what we faced:

  • Coding with HTML and CSS can be time-consuming and difficult for new users. The good news is that there are many tools available that save time during development.
  • Altering the appearance of your site using CSS is again a major challenge that we face while developing the website.
  • The user identification should be verified using two-factor authentication (or a similar method) and the login information should be updated periodically in order to safeguard the website.
  • As Wordpress has millions of customization the updates can occur without warning. It is easier for WordPress site owners to maintain the functionality by using the most recent software, themes, and plugins. The main purpose of upgrading is to fix bugs from earlier versions.
case study

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