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About Saidham Project

This community is a service of humanity. Shirdi Sai Baba Temple Society, Faridabad, also known as Sai Dham, working for the upliftment of the poor section of the society. This society works on many different issues having impact on underprivileged people. This community looks out for everyone's education , mass marriages , sanitary napkin distribution and other much needed services to poor people. The issues we work on are women empowerment , child education , child labour and other issues. The founder of this community Dr. Motilal Gupta who has been has achjeved several prestigious awards for his contributions in the field of Free & Quality Education , Skill Development, Health Care, Mass Marriages of Poor Girls, and Women empowerment, Environmental Sustainability, Nutrition, Relief and Rehabilitation , Child protection, and Preventing Health Care has started this community to help these poor people from our society



  • It involves a lot of planning and research, which can be time-consuming. However, the outcome is worth it.
  • The client wanted to have an online camp booking system so that customers could book their stay and activities online by themselves.
  • There were many other additional features that we had to implement in order to meet all the requirements set out by the client.
  • We need to make sure that the admin has full control of the site and is able to update it whenever he/she wants.
  • The other challenge is to make sure that the pricing of the website is affordable for most businesses and organizations.
case study

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